Numero Verde Europeo


  • A comfortable Hotel Residence, supported and easily accessible.
  • A true Thermal Centre.
  • A Modern Clinic for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine.
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation.
  • Health and Pleasure.
  • A unique venue for a Holiday that Improves your Life.

“Four generations of this family have been caring for the health and well-being of our guests, dealing with the main factors that compromise the ability to move and the quality of life: pain, aging, trauma and bas lifestyles are only some of the factors we deal with in a completely natural and effective way, without age limitations, without barriers, thanks to the quality of our thermal springs and the completeness of our medical services. Hospitality, Thermae, Specialised Medicine and Wellness. A complete range of services for a holiday that will truly improve your quality of life, in a place where everyone is welcome and can feel that all their needs are attended to.”

Maggia’s family