A Unique and Original destination, where everything has its place,
so that the words Spa, Health and Well-being will have a true meaning.


We offer a complete service and an extremely pleasant holiday
- to people who wish a simple and highly qualified relaxing stay
- to people who have specific prevention, rehabilitation and physical recovery requirements.

Like all the structures in the Euganean Hills area, Ermitage Medical Hotel has its own hot springs and uses completely natural elements, waters and clays whose therapeutic properties are recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health. 
The thermal medicine services are provided in a category A super establishment operating within the National Health Service.

Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation
Ermitage medical Hotel is the First and Only spa structure in the Veneto region to obtain the Eligibility Certification of the region's Quality System for the provision of physical and rehab medicine services. 
Our physical therapy, rehab and physical medicine services are offered by a fully authorised specialist surgery.

The Ermitage Medical Hotel wellness centre offers exclusively programs and treatments whose effectiveness has been scientifically validated. Our constant commitment to researchinitiatives in the field of wellness and physiological balance puts us together with the leading university research centres, with which we co-operate on a continuous basis, including within our own structures.