Wellness requires a delicate balance, to be maintained
by a complete and highly skilled services offer


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Many spas and well-being centres offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy programmes without any specific recognized qualifications.

Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel on the other hand operates as a specialized medical rehabilitation centre, authorized under extremely strict regional regulations, and has the quality certificate requirements defined by the Veneto region in the specific field of rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Such a specialized and certified authorized medical centre as the Ermitage Medical Hotel provides its users with:

  • Supervision and consultancy of specialized medical staff.
  • Assistance from professional physiotherapists.
  • Updated and trained healthcare providers.
  • Quality and check of the electromedical equipment.
  • Honesty and transparency about the costs and the objectives of the treatment protocol.

The choice of a specialized medical centre is the result of a well-informed, safe and effective decision