A new Medical Structurecreated
to address small and big health issues, While on Holiday


Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel integrates, in a Single Structure:

  • a Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Health Care Centre
  • a Spa
  • a First-Class Hotel

Each department has full organisational and functional independence, complies with the most recent and strictest health care regulations of the Veneto Region and has a certified ISO 9001 quality control and management system.

Prevention, Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation
The Medical Hotel allows its customers to use the time and tranquillity of a holiday to tackle primary health care issues and improve their lifestyle.
In comparison to traditional health care structures, our integrated services guarantee:

  • A better environment, non-hospital stay in a protected and accessible structure
  • High therapeutic intensity while staying at the hotel
  • A global therapeutic approach, with a complete set of personal services