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A gift of nature to treat and prevent the pain and ageing of the musculoskeletal and bone and joint systems.

THE WATERS, of meteoric origin, come from the Piccole Dolomiti (Little Dolomites).The water went underground at heights over 1500 m, and reaches us after an underground voyage of thousands of years, after filtering down to depths of over 4000 metres. These are ancient and very pure waters, rich with minerals they collected thanks to the heat and pressure they were subject to.

The geological structure of the Euganean Hills made them emerge and created the largest thermal basin in Europe in Abano. Ermitage has 3 thermal springs of salt-bromide-iodine water that naturally ow at temperatures between 72 and 82°C, with an available ow rate of over 10,000 litres per minute.

THE MUD is a unique and irreplaceable therapeutic element Ancient: in Abano, people received mud therapy already in Roman times. Fully natural: the thermal clay comes from a lake in Arquà Petrarca, on the Euganean Hills.

Processed: mud ripens in thermal water for at least 60 days, acquiring the plasticity and chemical and physical characteristics that make it therapeutic. Effective and scientifically patented: the pain-relief and anti-infiammatory active principle of Abano mud was isolated at the Mario Negri Institute pharmacological and biomedical research centre, and is currently protected by a European patent.

Thermal establishment with auth. Nr. 16427 of 23/10/09. Specialised thermal establishment offering mud and thermal water bath therapy and inhalation therapy. We co-operate with the Italian National Health Service, and are classified as I Super by the Ministry of Health

Dr Alberto Dattilo, specialist in Nephrology and Nutrition

In order to obtain optimal therapeutic results, guests are required to cooperate. Please bring with you the results of any recent clinical tests and a list of drugs you take.

As the combination of stay and treatments is purchased in a single package, no refunds shall be given in case individual treatments are missed. Any additional treatments not mentioned above shall be paid for separately.

Week end

Otium, From €: 500

For muscle wellness and deep-reaching relaxation

Price List Of Thermal Treatments:

Medical Examination and assistance during the treatment 60,00 €
Supplementary medical assessment 30,00 €
Thermal mud treatment with shower and ozone thermal bath 35,00 €
Reaction massage 20′ 35,00 €
Inhalation / Aerosol 12,00 €
Aerosol medicine included 15,00 €
Cream for the reaction massage 15,00 €
Intensive muscular massage (Trigger, Connective, Localized Draining, Plantar) 30′ 45,00 €
Draining massage with cold bandage 60′ 65,00 €
1. Complete cycle of 5 thermal treatments 410,00 €
2. Complete cycle of 10 thermal treatments 760,00 €
Nursing services Injections, dressings 12,00 €
Customised hourly health and local care 60′ 20,00 €
Customised hourly health and local care 3 ongoing hours 180′ 50,00 €