The safety of careful and skilled medical assistance


Our skills are plied in an integrated manner, through protocols with proven scientific evidence, under the constant supervision of specialised medical staff.



  • Medical Assistance: a team of skilled physicians expert in the fields of Physical Medicine, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Nutrition is available to assist each guest undergoing treatment. 
  • Spa World: our own hot springs provide us with salt-bromide-iodine water and thermal mud with recognised therapeutic properties.
  • Physical Therapy and Hydrokinesitherapy: our specialised surgery provides assisted and customised active and passive rehabilitation services, both in and out of thermal water.
  • Physical Therapies: the latest electromedical equipment (Laser, Magnetic and Ultrasound therapy) is used to treat acute and localised inflammation.
  • Physical Activity: skilled health care staff with degrees in Motor Sciences will help patient improve their muscle tone, metabolism and aerobic capacity.
  • Nutrition: nutritional programs designed by specialised physicians to address specific health and prevention issues in complete safety.
  • Scientific Research, Our protocols are submitted to the review of leading University Institutions through a constant scientific research activity


Our offer is rounded off by a massage therapy department, a fully equipped wellness centre and 1,000 square metres of thermal water swimming pools.