26/10 – 02/11/2013 Offer Research FIT -30%!


2013 Scientific Research

Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel in collaboration with the University of Milan (Department of Physical Exercise, Health and Sports)

Take this opportunity to keep fit and take part in the 2013 research activities:

Thanks to the help and supervision of specialized medical staff and of nutrition, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine professionals you may be included in an effective, balanced and safe physical recovery program, designed according to strict medical and scientific principles.
For participants, reduction of € 430 on the official rate of the FIT Program of Ermitage Medical Hotel


2013 Scientific Research
II Seminar: From October 26th to November 2nd , 2013

The research program face the role of Thermal Treatments in an individual's well-being, by favoring:
Slimming, Recovery of a good shape, Prevention of cardiovascular Risks and of Metabolic Syndrome"

Program Enrolment Fee: € 850 per person instead of € 1280 + Physiological Check-up free of charge


The offer includes:

7 nights stay with full board at the Ermitage Medical Hotel

Medical care - Physiological Check-up:

  • biochemical blood tests
  • weight and anthropometric measurements
  • direct assessment of basal metabolic rate
  • aerobic capacity
  • blood sugar measurement after a meal
  • impedance analysis and determination of the lean and fat body mass ratio
  • medical examination on admission to the thermal treatments
  • nutritional consultation and life-style assessment.

Treatments and Therapies:

  • Cycle of 5 complete thermal treatments, with ripe thermal clay packs, ozone thermal bath and muscle reaction massage.
  • 5 customised cardio-fitness training sessions with a professional personal trainer.
  • Customised nutritional program for the duration of the patient's stay
  • Gymnastics, aqua-gym and respiratory training program
  • Final Medical Assessment: The tests are repeated, to check the results obtained; the patient is then issued the results of the customised physiological check-up and some nutrition guidelines to be followed at home.


N.B. 1
In exchange for the guest participation in the scientific research program, all clinical assessments, the specialised medical consultations, the customised physiological check-up, the customised nutritional program and the individual training program are provided free of charge by the team of researchers from the University of Milan, led by Prof. Arsenio Veicsteinas, Professor of Human Physiology, helped by the health care staff of Ermitage Medical Hotel.

N.B. 2 Participants are required to follow all the instructions for the described protocol and to adhere to any further medical instructions following the admission assessment. Participants are required to bring their bathing suit, sports shoes and sports clothes.

N.B. 3 The following items are not included: Food and drinks from the Bar and Restaurant, and treatments not included in the protocol.