In May Free physiological check-up!


In May Free physiological check-up!

How old are you truly?
Is this your first time at Ermitage?  
In May Free physiological check-up!


Choose a week in May to book our thermal services, If you are a New Customer Ermitage offers You a free physiological Check-Up!

This offer is reserved for all new customers who book their first stay at Ermitage Bel Air  for an All Inclusive Thermal Treatments week.


Book a week in which to enjoy our thermal treatments, the complete physiological check up is free


The check up includes:

  • Blood tests;
  • Digital analysis of basal metabolism through the monitoring of resting oxygen consumption;
  • Direct measure of the aerobic capacity during exercise;
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition (a non-invasive diagnostic technique that estimates the quantity and distribution of body fat and the hydration levels);
  • Digital analysis of walking gait (a digital analysis that provides a bio-feedback of walking gait, which is useful to check the correct posture and range of movement);
  • Specialist physician examination for the assessment of test results.


This check-up shall allow us to estimate your true biological age.