Recover rapidly and autonomously to and active life, avoiding the indirect costs and burden on the family associated with a temporary lack of autonomy in one's daily life.


Post-Trauma and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Programmes:


Exclusively customised treatment protocols, designed to address acute situations immediately after surgery or after trauma. They require a maximum level of assistance and the availability of a daily basic medical care service for dressings and checks of the patient's general health. It is also the programme with the most intensive therapeutic approach, that includes individual and assisted active and passive rehabilitation sessions with a duration of up to 2 hours a day. The type of rehab activities the patient shall be subject to shall be decided together with the specialist during the patient's assessment, according to the needs of each patient and to any instructions of the referring physician and structure. The programmes are continuously reviewed to follow up on the developments of the post-surgery period, until the complete recovery of the patient’s functional autonomy. The availability of disabled-accessible rooms, gymnasiums and swimming pools and a comfortable and safe hotel stay are all part of the therapeutic protocol.


The duration is determined according to the conditions of each patient and is strongly influenced by the amount of time that has passed from the traumatic event and/or surgery. A patient can start his stay at the hotel within 5 days from hip and knee replacement surgery, and the protocol has a duration of 2 or 3 weeks.


From € 1,500 per person, per week. Rehabilitation treatments can be administered operating directly in connection with the National health Care System.