Summary of the findings in the 3 last years

Major changes gleaned with the use of the integrated protocol:
- Body Mass. Weight reduction of up to 2% (from 0.5 to 2.5 kg depending on the subject)
- Anthropometry. Reduction of up to 2% of the circumferences of waist, abdomen, hips.
- Plicometry. Reduction of up to 3% of the layer of subcutaneous fat in abdomen, waist, thigh.
- Bioelectrical impedance. Maintained level of hydration with moderate transfer of the interstitial fluids
  from the lower limbs to the trunk.
- Hematology and hematochemical tests. Significant reduction in triglycerides (up to 20%) and total cholesterol (up to 10%).
- Functional evaluation of Aerobic Capacity. Significant improvement in cardio-respiratory and
  muscular response during exercise with an increase in maximum intake of oxygen measured by direct cycle ergometer test


The physiological effects observed allow us to say that: "mud-bath therapy is one of the most advanced intervention strategies for the prevention of major cardiovascular risk factors and chronic diseases, especially when it goes with exercise and diet; it can play a major role in one’s health and is therefore fully entitled to be included in healthy practices and in the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle."