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Trauma and Surgery


Prof. Stefano Masiero. Physiatrist. University of Padua, Department of Neuroscience


14 days. Orthopedics Reha. From €: 3400

After the acute phase: In the event of Trauma and Surgery, (Hip, Shoulder, Knee replacement)

7 days. Orthopedics Physio. From €: 1360

Chronic Pathologies or Pain Syndromes that Limit Motor Skills

7 days. Active Aging. From €: 1210

Age-connected motor skills limitations

First Medical Examination--60,00 €
Orthopaedics-Physical Medicine Examination--120,00 €
Second Specialstic Examination--60,00 €
Functional assessment Results--80,00 €
Individual Physiotherapy30'45,00 €
Physiotherapy in thermal water30'50,00 €
Joint In ltrations (without medicament)--45,00 €
Physical Therapies: Laser, Electro, Ultrasounds, Ionophoresis15'25,00 €
Magnet therapy60'25,00 €
Cold Mud30'25,00 €
Rehabilitation gymnastics administered by profes-
sionals as group activity
--25,00 €
Nursing services Injections, dressings--12,00 €
Customised hourly health and local care60'20,00 €
Customised hourly health and local care 3 continuous hours180'50,00 €
Dieta Basil PlusWeekly100,00 €