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Spa, Nutrition and Fitness in the heart of the beautiful Euganean Hills

Slimming is not simply losing weight: it means improving the ratio of lean to fat mass

Health is not measured in kilos but in retaining one’s ability to move freely and enjoy an active, autonomous life for as long as possible

The joy of life is not measured in centimetres but in the opportunity of a satisfying interaction with oneself,  others and the environment


Thanks to the medical research programmes of Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel (Abano Terme), developed with the University of Padua, it is possible for our guests:

  • to learn and test the best strategies for a correct lifestyle, preventing inflammation and cardiovascular risk.
  • to enjoy a wonderful spa holiday, with direct advice by the best professional in the fields of nutrition, motion science and physical medicine.
  • to discover how easy it can be to obtain significant results, even in a single week.
  • to save more than 30%, only for the participants in the scientific research seminars held three times a year.
  • to receive a check-up of one’s biological age based on physical tests and on objective and measurable results, by participating in the scientific research activities.





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