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Scientific Research

Ermitage Bel Air, Medical Hotel, Abano — Teolo
(Hotel, Spa, Specialized Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre)

Wonderfully set in the Abano Terme Spa Resort, the holiday that will improve your life: beauty, health and fitness. The Ermitage Bel Air — Medical Hotel 2019 date with Scientific Research now in its Tenth Edition: «strategies and lifestyles for healthy slimming, prevention of cardiovascular pathologies and fitness».

Their ultimate goal is to prove how a stay in thermal facilities with specific characteristics, combined with a customized programme, where physical activity and nutrition are specially designed, can lead to an improvement of the population’s well-being and health conditions. The project is part of similar long-term studies commissioned by the Ministry of Health aimed at improving well-being and health of the Italian population in order to counter the rampant inactivity, improper nutrition and the alarming increase in the percentage of overweight and obese subjects.

It has indeed been scientifically demonstrated that a sedentary lifestyle and excess weight are factors that induce various kinds of diseases: from cardiovascular pathologies to metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes in particular, or even to tumoral diseases of the intestine, breast, uterus and prostate. Not to mention the influence that obesity and excess weight have on one’s appearance, which could undoubtedly lead to negative repercussions on one’s morale and personality.

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Prof. Domenico Corrado
Cardiologist and sports doctor
University of Padua

Prof. Fulvio Ursini,
University of Padua

Prices valid for the participants in the research programme only:

Soft Program 7 nights, (includes 2 days of check-up visits, BEFORE and AFTER, 5 days of treatment)

€ 1300 instead of € 2015

Intensive Program 14 nights, (includes 2 days of check-up visits, BEFORE and AFTER, 10 days of treatment)

€ 2350 instead of € 3730

III Seminar

  • Soft Program: 7 nights from 19th October to  26th October
  • Intensive program: 14 nights from 19th October to 2nd November



  • Direct consultation with Professor Domenico Corrado and Professor Fulvio Ursini
  • Custom treatments, supervised by the Ermitage Medical Hotel specialist thermal medicine and physical rehabilitation doctors
  • Physiological check-up (BEFORE and AFTER)
  • 7 (or 14) nights full board stay


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