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Cardiovascular Prevention


Nutrition, physical exercise, thermal therapies and physical medicine for the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies due to ageing, excessive body weight and bad lifestyles.


Thanks to the co-operation between the physical rehabilitation and fitness centres, Ermitage guarantees customised consultancy services. The medical consultation with the dietician is integrated by a physiological check-up that includes digital analysis of basal metabolism and aerobic capacity, bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition with anthropometric measurements. A convenient blood tests service is also available for those who are interested. Having detailed measurements means that we can customise our guest’s diet and training
program, providing complete and objective data on the results attained by the end of the stay


Clinical studies carried out at our establishment in co-operation with the University of Milan have shown that there is a healthy correlation between mud and thermal water bath therapy and lipid metabolism. Thanks to the skill of our kitchen staff, to the assistance of skilled personal trainers and to the possible integration with thermal therapies (mud and thermal water bath therapy and individual aquagym sessions in thermal water), the programs offered by Ermitage make it possible fo the guests to become fit without foregoing the pleasure of a relaxing holiday. Our guests may be certain that they shall obtain lasting results, and they shall have been obtained in a healthy way, by taking into account not only their weight, but also their metabolism, the reduction of fat body mass e the enhancement of their aerobic capacity The highly customisable offer, the assistance of a skilled staff and the complete accessibility of gyms and swimming pools make it possible, even for our elderly or disabled guests to take part in our fitness programs with a high degree of success.


Physical exercise and nutrition, if followed correctly and consistently with regard to age and life style make it possible to prevent the onset of several orthopaedic, cardiological and
oncological pathologies, ensuring healthy, active and satisfying ageing

ACCESS TO THE THERAPIES In order to obtain optimal therapeutic results, guests are required to cooperate. Please bring with you the results of any recent clinical and imaging tests and a list of drugs you take.

POLICY As the combination of stay and treatments is purchased in a single package, no refunds shall be given in case individual treatments are missed. Any additional treatments not mentioned above shall be paid for separately.

BASIL PLUS Customised nutritional program with tailored daily calorie intake Expert consultant: Prof. Fulvio Ursini, bio- chemist specialised in nutrition, University of Padua.


7 days. Weight management, From €: 1935

For seriously overweight patients or localised fat accumulations (Nutritional program, Cardio-Training, Cycle of Thermal therapies, Massage Therapy)

7 days. Medical Fit&Spa, From €: 1710

For overweight patients with mild metabolic syndromes (Nutritional program, Cardio-Training, Cycle of Thermal therapies).


7 days. Detox, From €: 1250

For slightly overweight patients with unhealthy lifestyles (Nutritional program + Cardio-Training).

Week end


For the assessment of your biological age and cardiovascular risk

Nutrition and fitness

Price List Of Cardiovascular Prevention

Initial Medical Examination with a Nutritionist (includes a digital analysis of body composition)120,00 €
Medical assistance during the stay60,00 €
Functional assessment Results80,00 €
Biochemical blood tests50,00 €
Digital Metabolic Test (VO2)45,00 €
Personal Trainer (Cardio Fitness)30′45,00 €
Personal Trainer (Cardio Fitness) in the water30′50,00 €
Access to the Cardio Fitness circuitper week30,00 €
Dieta Basil Plusper week100,00 €
Step computer analysis45,00 €
Digital analysis of body composition25,00 €