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Prevention check-up

Thanks to the direct co-operation with the laboratories of the Data Medica Group, Ermitage Medical Hotel can offer you a useful Diagnostics and Prevention service, including the availability of specialized medical consultants and of radiology equipment for prevention purposes.

To organize your complete medical check-up you need to book it two weeks in advance of your expected date of arrival.The complete medical check-up requires 4/5 hours and shall take place in the course f one morning during your stay.

The results shall be available in 5 business days and shall be integrated by the final report by the internal medicine specialist, available also in English.

Available check-up:

  • Complete medical check-up Women up to 45 years of age € 580;
  • Complete medical check-up Women above 45 years of age € 840;
  • Complete medical check-up Men up to 45 years of age € 460;
  • Complete medical check-up Men above 45 years if age € 680;



Other specific diagnostic and radiological services are available upon request.