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Scientific Research

The Thermae and Prevention of Cardiovascular Pathologies

Prices valid for the participants in the research programme only: II Seminar from 10 June to 24 June 2023


Soft Program 7 nights (includes 2 days of check-up visits, BEFORE and AFTER, 5 days of treatment)

€ 1680 instead of € 2385*

Intensive Program 14 nights, (includes 2 days of check-up visits, BEFORE and AFTER, 10 days of treatment)

€ 2860 instead of € 4270*

*2023 price list
Maximum number of participants in the seminar: 20 people. Should the number of applications be higher than that, priority shall be given to new participants and to guests interested in the 14-day intensive program.


  • Thanks To The Nutritional And Physical Exercise Regime Provided Directly By Researchers Of The University Of Padua.
  • Thanks To The Effectiveness Of A Validated Protocol That Integrates Thermae And Specialised Medicine.
  • Thanks To A Program Of Treatments That Both Heal And Educate, Developed While On A Comfortable Holiday.
  • Thanks To An All New Program That Integrates The Past Protocols With A Lymphatic Massage Therapy Cycle And Makes It Possible To Extend The Stay To 14 Nights, In Order To Achieve More Ambitious Results.

Wonderfully set in the Abano Terme Spa Resort, the holiday that will improve your life: beauty, health and fitness. The Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel 2023 date with Scientific Research now in its Eleventh Edition: “strategies and lifestyles for healthy slimming, prevention of cardiovascular pathologies and fitness”

Exclusive services and conditions for Participants in the 2023 Research programme:

  • Direct consultation with Professor Domenico Corrado (Cardiologist and Sport Medicine University of Padua) and Professor Fulvio Ursini (a Biochemist with the University of Padua), with suggestions taken from basic research, on “Positive medicine”, a practice founded on optimal nutrition and a customised training programme.
  • Custom treatments, supervised by the Ermitage Medical Hotel specialist thermal medicine and physical rehabilitation doctors, to promote balanced weight loss and the objective improvement of the main physiological parameters.
  • Physiological check-up (BEFORE and AFTER) with specific and immediate information on the obtained results. It includes:
    • Anthropometric measurements,
    • Blood chemistry analysis,
    • Direct assessment of Basal Metabolic Rate,
    • Aerobic Capacity measurement and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis of Body Composition.
  • 7 (or 14) nights full board stay, in suite-category rooms, free access to the thermal swimming pools and the Cardio Fitness circuit, SPA KIT (bathrobe, slippers, swimming pool towel),
    • Complete physiological check-up (BEFORE and AFTER), medical examination upon arrival and
      consultation with a nutritionist.
    • Nutritional program with customised caloric regime and a menu that follows the latest guidelines for correct nutrition and the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies,.
    • Customised cardio fitness programme with personal trainer 5 (or 10) sessions, complete cycle of 5 (or 10) thermal therapies (thermal mud treatments, ozone baths, reaction massages), cycle of 3 (or 6) 30-minute sessions of manual draining lymphatic massages (Original Vodder Method) for the body and the upper and lower limbs.
    • Final medical examination for the assessment of results and delivery of the customised maintenance programme.
  • Sanitary Treatments available upon request not included in the rates:
    • Autogenic Training and/or neuropsychological assessment (individual session)
    • Resting ECG and cardiac examination


Download the program

Prof. Domenico Corrado
Cardiologist and sports doctor
University of Padua

Prof. Fulvio Ursini,
University of Padua


1) The health status of the participants must allow them some moderate (NON-COMPETITIVE) physical exercise, as proven by a medical certificate issued by the participant’s primary care physician.
2) Participants are required to comply with all the therapy and nutritional instructions of the programme (with the exception of any food sensitivity and/or allergy), to avoid compromising the outcomes of the research.
3) Participants shall bring the appropriate clothing for physical training in the gym and swimming pool.


Next Seminars in the 2023 Season:

III Seminar: from 28 October to 11 November

NB 1. Please remember that it is possible to participate in all the described programs all year long, although at full price.
In exchange for the guest participation in the scientific research program, all clinical assessment, the specialised medical consultations, the customised physiological check-up, the customised nutritional program and the individual training program are provided free of charge by the team of researchers from the University of Padua, led by Prof. Domenico Corrado, and helped by the health care staff of Ermitage Medical Hotel. This is possible only during the research seminars in the dates mentioned above. Participants are required to follow all the instructions for the described protocol and to adhere to any further medical instructions following the admission assessment, and to comply with their assigned nutritional program.
Guests interested in participating in the described programs without following the nutritional programs included in the research should please contact the hotel during the year, to book their stay as private guests, outside of the dates of the research seminars.

NB 2. The quoted prices Do Not include: Any food and drinks from the Bar and Restaurant, and treatments requested by the guest and not included in the protocol.


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