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Safety Notice


Dear Guests,
Ermitage remained open throughout 2020, even in the peak periods of the infection, without compromising the safety of our Guests, demonstrating that our internal risk containment rules work. Today the vaccination campaign is continuing, our doctors and therapists have already been vaccinated and therefore we believe that our risk reduction systems are, even more so, still valid and effective.

For your protection and safety, we have therefore decided to continue in 2021 with the same organization that has proven to work already in 2020 and which is based on compliance with the following rules of good living together:

Self-certification and Privacy Policy: before your arrival at the Hotel, the staff shall contact you to check that you have no symptoms suggesting a contagious pathology and that you are not subject to quarantine restrictions.
Once arrived, you shall be asked to sign a statement and to accept to comply with the following rules during your stay. Attention: any false declarations are punishable by law.

Purpose of data processing: Please be aware that the processing of the requested data is carried out exclusively for the purpose of prevention of contagion from COVID-19, in such a way as to guarantee confidentiality and dignity. As the purpose of such processing is the protection of public health, the provision of the requested personal data is optional but strictly necessary in order to allow guests access to our premises.
Lawfulness. The lawfulness of such processing resides in the performance of a task in the public interest in the public health sector, as well as in the recommendations on the implementation of the anti-contagion safety protocols pursuant to Article 1(7)(d) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020.

Duration: Your personal data will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties outside of the specific regulatory provisions, such as the request by the Health Authorities for the tracing of close contacts with a subject who tested positive for COVID-19, and are subject to processing strictly for these purposes, and in any case in such a way as to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data. Data shall be stored until the end of the COVID-19 epidemic emergency.

Social Distancing: Stay at least two metres from other guests who are not staying in the same room as you. Approach our staff without fear, however, for requests for information or payments at the Hotel, Treatment Areas and Bar desks, please use the contact areas equipped with clear barriers.

Personal Hygiene: Keep your hands clean by washing them thoroughly and often with soap and water and always avail yourselves of the sanitising gel dispensers distributed throughout the hotel and spa. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands.

Personal Protective Equipment: In the closed environments where the treatments take place, we will provide FFP2 masks to customers and operators free of charge. In common areas we will provide surgical masks to be used only in case of reduction of the interpersonal distance between Guests who do not occupy the same room. Our operators will always use it. Use the mask even where it is not mandatory… it is still an excellent idea. In the pool, restaurant and bar you can remove the mask but respect the safety distances. Each guest is provided with 2 surgical masks per week and one FFP2, you can ask for their replacement in case of breakage. Broken and used masks should never be abandoned, they are returned closed in their bag at the reception of the Hotel and the care department for proper disposal. When you take off the mask in the pool or in the restaurant, you have to put it in its bag and put it in your bag or pocket without ever placing it on tables, chairs and surfaces.

Health Status: If you have one of the following symptoms: Cough, Conjunctivitis, Body temperature >37.5°C (you can take your own temperature at the hotel entrance), Nasal congestion, Headache, Diarrhoea, Weakness, New loss of taste or smell, breathing difficulties, you must: Separate yourself from other people immediately by keeping to your room, stop any spa or wellness treatment and immediately notify the hotel reception desk.
The in-house medical and nursing staff shall provide prompt help.
Our staff is with you at all times, to help and protect you. Ermitage invested a lot in your safety. However, remember that a lack of collaboration on your part or behaviours that may endanger the health of the other guests and staff shall not be tolerated. Failure to respect the simple rules of coexistence described means violating the laws of the Italian State and any violators will therefore be immediately reported to the competent authorities.


In order to keep you safe we have changed some of our services and designed new ones, and we have temporarily modified our business policies as well. We are sure that, with your co-operation, we shall be able to offer a health holiday that is safer and does not require you to give up anything.


In order to ensure maximum quality services, promote the correct operation of all our processes and offer a serene and safe holiday to all our guests, Ermitage decided to halve its guest capacity. This shall include all hotel, health and wellness services, as well as any transport services offered in conjunction with all our activities. In case of overbooking, bookings shall be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.


BEFORE ARRIVAL: The Hotel staff shall contact you to check that you have no symptoms suggesting a contagious pathology and that you are not subject to quarantine restrictions.

UPON ARRIVAL, SWAB: To reduce risk and increase safety we require:

  1. Copy of a negative swab, also antigenic, performed within 48 hours prior to arrival at the hotel. For those who do not have it and cannot perform it at home, our nurses will perform it before check-in directly at the hotel, at a cost of Euro 20 in drive-in mode at the entrance. If the test is positive, the Customer will be sent home and will have to contact their Doctor or the competent Authorities for further checks.
  2. People vaccinated or people who have had Covid in the last 6 months before arrival at the hotel and are recovered and swabs negativized, are exempt from the condition in point 1, if they present a copy of the vaccination certificate or a copy of the molecular swab of negativization.

According to the current legislation of the Italian State, the use of therapeutic thermal pools is allowed only for health reasons. Guests can therefore access only upon medical prescription with the indication for the therapeutic bath in the thermal pool.
For guests who have booked a stay including a cycle of treatments, the medical examination and the use of the therapeutic thermal pools are already included in their program.
For guests who have booked a stay without a cycle of treatments included, in order to access the therapeutic thermal pools, they are required to present a prescription (also on white paper) from their own doctor with the indication to take therapeutic baths in the thermal pool.

We remind that access to the thermal pools of Ermitage Medical Hotel is reserved exclusively for guests staying in the hotel and for patients of the specialist Medical Center for Rehabilitation.


Upon arrival: let our porter deal with your luggage and keep a safety distance of 2 metres. While waiting read the sign placed in the hall to familiarise with our instructions. A small area of the reception desk, reserved for check-in procedures, has been partitioned off with clear barriers. Use this area to approach our staff members safely, you will find a hand sanitising gel dispenser there: we encourage you to use it! Besides the usual check in procedures, you shall also receive a short information notice and will be asked to sign an informed consent form and an internal regulation acceptance form; you shall also be issued a set of face masks that you are required to wear during your stay.

A sanitised and safe room: Your room shall have been cleaned scrupulously, as usual, by our floor cleaning staff, and shall have been additionally thoroughly sanitised using a professional bio-ozonation system. You shall therefore have a safe room, to be used exclusively by you. Our staff members shall access it only while wearing a face mask and clean gloves.

In the Treatment Area: The rules to be followed shall be written, in several languages, on signs placed in the treatment areas. During your first medical examination prior to access to the treatments, the medical staff shall check for contraindications to the therapies, suggest the most appropriate therapy for each guest and check for suspicious symptoms by taking the guest’s temperature with a contactless scanner. The treatment areas, booths and waiting rooms shall be cleaned and sanitised with professional ozonation systems every day, during the closing hours.
Health clubs, Wellness centre and Medical Surgeries are serviced by an air sanitation system that works actively and continuously, including in the presence of guests.
All health, spa and wellness treatments, including inhalation therapies, are carried out exclusively on a one-on-one basis in the treatment booths. The sauna must be used by a single person at a time, or by one person accompanied by a roommate.

Swimming Pools and Sauna: The temperature of the thermal water used in our swimming pools and the usual filtering and chlorination and disinfection processes adopted makes the swimming pool a safe place. It is still important to access these places one at a time and to comply with the safety distances, when bathing and during the Aqua Gym courses. Our staff members shall be on site to supervise and advise.

Kitchen, Bar and Restaurant: All the staff members who deal with foodstuffs are required to wear gloves and FFP2 masks when working. Food is preserved and stored in ozone-saturated rooms and are cooked and/or chilled; when fresh product are used, they are always washed with food-safe disinfectants. All meals, including breakfast, are served from a trolley. Only the waiters shall be authorised to handle the food. Let waiter come to your table ad serve you. We do not wish to forgo any convivial occasions, such as musical evenings, welcome drinks, wine tastings; they shall still be available, just join us and relax, enjoy your holiday and let us come to you!
The restaurant is sanitised every day with professional ozonation systems, during closing hours. Please be punctual for meals, to facilitate our cleaning and sanitation efforts.

In the Common Spaces: Weather conditions permitting, we shall hold our socialisation activities, meals and sports activities outdoors, in our wonderful gardens and open-air areas.
Furniture, deck chairs, tables and chairs around the indoors and outdoors pools, in the therapy waiting rooms, in the large common rooms and in the outdoor areas have already been positioned to promote privacy and the correct social distancing.


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