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Physical Rehabilitation

A completely integrated programme designed to promote a return to active life

Our rehabilitation and physical medicine service is completely integrated with both the hotel and the thermal establishment, and was designed to promote the return to active life.


A full medical team comprising

  • Orthopaedics and Traumatology,
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine,
  • Neurology,
  • Lymphology and Nutrition

specialists can help all our guests suffering from light or severe limitations to their ability to move freely. The medical team guarantees that a skilled medical staff shall be always available to recognise the specific needs of each guest, according to the causes of the motor deficit, whether

  • traumatic,
  • orthopaedic post-surgical,
  • neurological or
  • lymphological

in nature.


Thanks to an exclusive customised, one-on-one assisted method that guarantees a steady 1:1 therapists/patients ratio, the hotel’s own rehabilitation centre allows each of our guests to go through their rehabilitation autonomously and without worries. Modern electro medical equipment, large gyms and swimming pools freely accessible also for motion-impaired patients make it possible to alternate active and passive rehabilitation, and effectively control pain and acute inflammation.


Helped by physical therapy and motor science professionals, our guests can integrate their rehab protocol with rehabilitation in thermal water, with a complete lack of architectural barriers. The chemical and physical characteristics of spa water (temperature, viscosity, specific weight) promote muscle relaxation and make it possible to perform the isokinetic work that is especially important in the first stage of active rehab, where it is necessary to correct postural defects and recover muscle tone with a controlled muscle effort without risks or exacerbations.


Specialised Clinic for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Auth. Nr. 18729 of 24/10/2019.

Dr Simone Bernardini, Physical Medicine Specialist, Dr Angelo Rioda, Orthopaedics Specialist and Orthopaedic surgery consultant

The described care protocols are evidence-based and designed according to the instructions of our scientific consultants, thanks to the ongoing co-operation between Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel and the Department of Medicine of the University of Padua.
Prof. Stefano Masiero. Physiatrist
Prof. Angelo Antonini. Neurologist
Prof. Domenico Corrado. Cardiologist and Sport and exercise Physician

As the combination of stay and treatments is purchased in a single package, no refunds shall be given for missed individual treatments. Any additional treatments not mentioned above shall be paid for separately. The duration of the treatments mentioned in the description of the programs is purely indicative and is provided to give customers an idea of the average intensity of the treatment and the type of daily commitment required during the stay: it does not define the price of individual treatments or treatment programs.

Ermitage Medical Hotel works in close and direct collaboration with several partner companies to offer its guests a complete and highly specialised diagnostic service.

The rehab and physical medicine programmes offered by Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel are designed exclusively for collaborative, clinically stable and/or stabilised patients who, when joining the programme, do not require intensive and emergency medical care.
Staying at the hotel during the treatment is an integrated part of the care service, as it integrates the specialised medical care and rehab activities of our in-house Medical Centre with the highly accessible hotel services of our structure.


  • Nursing services: Injections, dressings, blood pressure monitoring and drugs administration, up to 30 minutes € 18
  • Individual Social and Health Day Care: Help with dressing and personal hygiene, 1 hour € 30, 3 hours € 75
  • Social and Health Care at Night: Minimum charge for night calls, only on a continuous basis, € 55 per day
  • Social and Health Care services can be guaranteed only if requested at the time of booking.


For patients who need hip and knee replacement surgery, the in-house medical team can organise and schedule both the surgery and the post-surgical rehab therapy.


  • Starting on any of our care programmes is possible only after a medical examination at admission, which is always mandatory.
  • All guests are kindly requested to provide up-to-date information on their health status during the first examination.
  • Patients with reduced personal autonomy should inform the hotel prior to their arrival.
  • Nursing and social and health care assistance should always be requested at the time of booking.
  • Care services are not included in the hotel stay prices.


7 days. Pneumologic Physio, From €: 1950

To improve the heart response to the exercise of normal daily activities

7 days. Cardiologic Physio, From €: 1950

To improve the heart response to the exercise of normal daily activities

7 days. Lymphatic Physio Active, From €: 2660

Primary or secondary lymphedema Outcomes of autologous lymph node transplant

7 days. Rehab, From €: 2520

After the acute phase: In the event of Trauma and Surgery, (Hip, Shoulder, Knee replacement)

7 days. Physio, From €: 1780

Chronic Pathologies or Pain Syndromes that Limit Motor Skills