Numero Verde Europeo


The Hotel. Hospitality in the best Italian Tradition, in a welcoming and totally accessible structure.

The Spa. The Natural Therapeutic Power of our Hot Springs.

Specialised Medicine. A Modern Rehab and Physical Medicine Centre, with the most qualified Orthopaedic, Metabolic, Neurological and Lymphatic specialists can be found.

The First Italian Medical Hotel. Created to welcome everyone and see to their needs, providing everyone with the opportunity to be treated affectively, according to scientific evidence criteria, without foregoing the pleasure of a comfortable holiday.

Hotel Hospitality and Health Care Completely integrated services

We try to address the current Prevention, Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation needs in an innovative way:

  • To fight Stress with the sure help of skilled operator
  • To Prevent and Treat Pain connected with joint ageing
  • To correct your Life Style to avoid the onset of cardiovascular pathologies
  • To reduce Excess Weight, improve muscle strength and aerobic capacity
  • To recover a full range of movement in the wake of Trauma and Surgery
  • To improve the Autonomy that might have been compromised by neurological or lymphatic pathologies
  • To enjoy a holiday Without Barriers, alone or in the company of your family


Please visit the site area you are interested in and choose the Stay that best addresses Your Needs.

You will discover that caring for one’s health can be pleasant, and being treated while on holiday is more effective than one might think.


Maggia’s family

HEALTH AUTHORISATIONS pursuant to Regional Law n. 22 of 16/08/2002 Veneto Region. Italy

Specialised Clinic for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Auth. No. 18729/2019 of 24/10/2019

Spa establishment, Auth. No. 15023/2019 of 22/08/2019.

ISO 9001 TÜV Quality Certification No. 731003087
Audit. No. 43524327 from 2019-05-14 to 2022-04-28