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Parkinson’s disease - Multiple Sclerosis

Neurological rehabilitation center


Prof. Angelo Antonini. Neurologist. University of Padua


Rehabilitative Stays Area

7 days. Neurologic Physio. From €: 2155

Parkinson-Stroke-Multiple Sclerosis

Easy-going stays for Seniors’ Area

To protect the joy of living in autonomy and security at any age

28 Days. A Month Without Thoughts. From €: 2870

For the active ageing of autonomous and independent people

Piscines thermales Abano Italie 10

7 days. Blue Week. From €: 960

Natural prevention of arthritis, pain and bone and joint ageing

7 days. Active Aging. From €: 1275

Age-connected motor skills limitations


Neurology price list:

Physical medicine examination by a rehab specialist
(Compulsory for the drafting of the customised rehabilitation project)
€ 130
Follow-up specialist medical consultation
(within 3 months of the first examination)
€ 70
Computerised ultrasound scan of the musculoskeletal system€ 90
Specialist medical consultation + computerised ultrasound€ 180
Robotic evaluation of Motor and Neuro-motor function with the hunova® High-Technology System ‘Movendo Technology’€ 100
Digital simplified Gait Analysis€ 50
Neurological consultation€ 130
Neuro-cognitive stimulation / psychological support60’€ 100
Speech therapy session60’€ 100
Occupational Therapy60’€ 100
Individual and assisted physical therapy or neuro-motor rehabilitation session in thermal water with a physical therapy graduate therapist30’€ 55
Individual and assisted manual physical therapy session30’€ 50
Surcharge for physical therapies with constant operator presence (Laser therapy, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Iontophoresis, Tecar therapy, Kinetec)€ 12
Physical therapies without constant operator assistance (Magnet therapy, Laser therapy, Electrotherapy, Bemer therapy, Kinetec)30’€ 50
Individual hunova® rehabilitation session€ 80