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Thermal center and spa treatments


Thermal center

Thermal center

Thermal center

A Modern Wellness Centre designed to promote the return of the patient to a state of complete psychological and physical balance

Ermitage is a treatment structure focusing on prevention and rehabilitation. However, the natural heat of the springs, the pleasant and relaxing moments spent in our quiet gardens, the changing colours of the surrounding hills and of the large swimming pools, the attention paid to the tastes and freshness of our cuisine make our hotel also a pleasant place to spend time in


Our professional staff in the thermal centre and the medical rehabilitation centre shall dedicate the same degree of attention they offer their patients also to our other guests who do not have any specific health issues and are only looking for the pleasure of being lazy and relaxed.
Pampered by skilled hands, cradled in the warmth of our thermal waters and steam, our guests can try several different massage techniques or, of they so choose, they can be helped to eliminate any small flaws of the body and face and gift their skin with new opportunities to be healthy and energised. Our guests are guaranteed constant attention from our skilled
staff and that the treatments are all of completely natural origin.

Wellness Centre Auth. Nr. 18913 of 31/12/2009.

Caterina Greggio, Specialist in Beauty treatments and massage therapy

An internal hairdresser and coiffeur service is available to all our guests every Thursday and Saturday.

All the products used for the massage therapy and beauty treatments are dermatologically tested and free from allergens.

As the combination of stay and treatments is purchased in a single package, no refunds shall be given in case individual treatments are missed. Any additional treatments not mentioned
above shall be paid for separately

HB breakfast and dinner: – € 70; BB bed and breakfast – € 90; single room + € 70; double room as single occ. + € 100.


7 days. Global Wellness, From €: 1565

To recover one’s psychic and physical balance: the treatments promote muscle relaxation and nourish the skin of the body and face (Massage Therapy + Thermal Wellness + Natural Beauty Treatments).

7 days. Antistress, From €: 1375

To recover one’s psychic and physical balance: the treatments promote muscle relaxation (Massage Therapy + Thermal Wellness)


Price List Of Wellness Treatments

Complete Body massage60′90,00 €
Complete Body massage30′45,00 €
Watsu, Water Shiatsu30′50,00 €
Steam Parcours (Inhalation + Steam bath + Emotional shower)40′25,00 €
Facelymphatic drainage with personalized mask60′80,00 €
Face treatment nutritive “Principi”60′80,00 €
Face treatment Anti-age “Feeling Time”60′80,00 €
Body Peeling60′90,00 €
Tone up Body Treatment M.S.B.60′90,00 €
‘Cristalli’ Breast firming program60′90,00 €
Regenerating body treatment ‘Strato Sottile’90′140,00 €
Presso therapy30′60,00 €
Manicure60′45,00 €
Pedicure60′45,00 €
Peeling Hammam90′100,00 €
Dermo pure Lift90′100,00 €
Dermo pure body massage90′100,00 €
Body mask90′100,00 €