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Wellness Stays Area

7 days. Lymphatic Wellness. From €: 1400

To treat non-pathological, mild lymphatic issues

7 days. Antistress. From €: 1480

To recover one's psychophysical balance

Easy-going stays for Seniors’ Area

To protect the joy of living in autonomy and security at any age

28 Days. A Month Without Thoughts. From €: 2870

For the active ageing of autonomous and independent people

Piscines thermales Abano Italie 10

7 days. Blue Week. From €: 960

Natural prevention of arthritis, pain and bone and joint ageing

7 days. Active Aging. From €: 1275

Age-connected motor skills limitations


Price List Of Wellness Treatments

Full Body Massage60'90,00 €
Body Massage30'48,00 €
Watsu, Water Shiatsu30'52,00 €
Steam Treatments:
Inhalation + Turkish Bath + Sensory Shower
40'25,00 €
Facial Lymphatic massage with custom face mask60'80,00 €
“Principi” Face Treatment 60'80,00 €
“Feeling Time” Anti-ageing Face Treatment60'80,00 €
Body Peeling60'90,00 €
"M.S.B." Firming Body Treatment60'90,00 €
‘Cristalli’ Breast firming program60'90,00 €
Chic Skin Treatment60'100,00 €
Pressure therapy30'60,00 €
Manicure session60'45,00 €
Pedicure session60'45,00 €
Hammam Peeling session90'100,00 €
Dermo Pure Lift90'100,00 €
Skin-purifying massage90'100,00 €