Numero Verde Europeo


The best products, the most advanced cooking techniques, the direct collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Milan and Padua all contribute to the creation of an optimal and healthy menu, customised to the needs and wishes of our guests, thanks to the several nutritional versions available: Enjoy, Balanced,Veggie & Basil Plus.

ENJOY.  The Enjoy line includes local traditional dishes that are exclusively designed for the pleasure of tasting a meal, without calorie restrictions and without excluding any food. The Enjoy line is recommended for younger people, and should be associated with an especially active, non-sedentary lifestyle. (Free of charge).

BALANCED. The Balanced line includes foods that make for a sensible and balanced nutrition. This menu is available to all our guests, irrespective of age and lifestyle, and includes all possible ingredients, used following the latest nutritional and preventive medicine guidelines published by the World Health Organisation strictly; this means, in particular:

  1. correct daily and weekly balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fibre intake according to the dictates of the food pyramid;
  2. limited 1600 calories daily regime (excluding bread and additional seasonings);
  3. limited inclusion of red meat and animal fats, simple sugars and re ned ours. (Free of charge).

VEGGIE. Thanks to our direct collaboration with some of the leading Italian experts of vegan and raw foodism cuisine, we developed the Total Vegan line. This line was developed to satisfy the taste and physiological or ethic requirements of some of our guests and does not use ingredients of animal origin. The fantasy of our kitschen in creating appetizing dishes shall allow even the most sceptical of our guests to discover that Total Vegan can be tasty, as we linked our recipes to the traditions, tastes and ingredients of the past, when fish, meat, dairy products and eggs were a luxury and common people had to make do with cereals and legumes. (Free of charge).

BASIL PLUS. Based on the menus of the Veggie and Balanced lines, the Basil Plus menu is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client: customised caloric regime, calorie intake distributed over 5/6 meals, protein intake consistent with the client’s physiological needs and their drugs intake. Recommended for elderly people,overweight people,orthopaedic, neurological or lymphological patients, the Basil Plus regime is prescribed after a specialised medical examination at a price of € 100 per week.