Numero Verde Europeo


Know your menu.

The best local products chosen from the best local producers; our chefs and scientific consultants are constantly researching new ways to offer a cuisine that can offer both health and pleasure.

This menu focuses exclusively on pleasure and taste, with no calorie restrictions. With a lot of local recipes and products, it is recommended for younger guests and should be associated with a highly active, non sedentary lifestyle.

For a more conscious and healthy diet. Recommended for all our guests, irrespective of age or lifestyle, this menu is planned in compliance with the most recent dietary and preventive medicine guidelines: Correct balance between fats, carbohydrates, protein and fibre. With 1600 calories a day, excluding bread and added seasoning, it is slightly hypocaloric. There is a limited presence of red meat, animal fats, sugars and refined flours.

Created to cater to the tastes and physiological needs of some of our guests, this menu does not contain any food of animal origin. Even the most sceptical guests will be able to enjoy this menu with its traditional flavours and ingredients, from a past when fish, meat, milk and eggs were a luxury for the few and vegetables, legumes and cereals almost forgotten today had to be prepared in a tasty way.

This menu is available on the basis of a recommendation from a specialist and costs € 100 per week. It offers the dishes of the Veggie and Balanced menus, adapted to the specific need of our customers, for a tailored calorie regime distributed in 6 meals to avoid glycemic drops and peaks. The protein Load is customised to the guest’s physiological requirements or adjusted in connection with the taking of drugs. It is recommended for elderly and obese patients and for patients with orthopaedic, neurological or lymphological issues.


Scientific Consultant: Prof. Fulvio Ursini, Biochemist University of Padua