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Physical rehabilitation

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Discover our offers Physical rehabilitation:

7 days. Lymphatic Fisio. From €: 2405

Primary or secondary lymphedema Outcomes of autologous lymph node transplant

7 days. Lymphatic Wellness. From €: 1400

To treat non-pathological, mild lymphatic issues

7 days. Neurologic Physio. From €: 2155

Parkinson-Stroke-Multiple Sclerosis

7 days. Orthopedics Rehab. From €: 2255

After the acute phase: In the event of Trauma and Surgery, (Hip, Shoulder, Knee replacement)

7 days. Orthopedics Physio. From €: 1655

Chronic Pathologies or Pain Syndromes that Limit Motor Skills

7 days. Active Aging. From €: 1275

Age-connected motor skills limitations